About CSR

Since inception in 1969, Magnum has long been committed to a policy of social responsibility by being a caring and responsible corporate citizen.

Magnum has played and still plays a very pivotal role as a caring Corporate citizen in carrying out our Social Responsibilities to the Community.

Magnum observes 4 key values in discharging our CSR role:

We are a Caring Corporate Citizen who not only provide financial assistance to the vulnerable members of the community but also involve ourselves to extend assistance wherever appropriate.

We are a Compassionate Corporate Citizen who is concerned towards the well-being of the vulnerable members of the community as well as our very own workforce. We support activities that help promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Malaysians.

We conscientiously provide sustainable assistance to the vulnerable members of the community to help motivate them to become more independent and self-sufficient. We constantly involve as many parties to help the community as we believe that Nobody can do Everything, but Everybody can do Something.

We render assistance where and when it is needed most. We offer assistance that can give immediate impact to the beneficiaries.

Magnum’s CSR Programs are actively particpated by the following members:

  • Community
  • Youths
  • Workforce
  • Partners

With support from our members, Magnum consistently contributes towards 4 areas of the community needs, namely Medical, Welfare, Education and Cultural activities.

For more information on Magnum Group CSR, kindly visit www.magnumcares.my.